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O’Fallon, MO
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Moving past fear – to healing

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Fear can be overcome and even healed in our lives by discovering the strong connection and relationship we have to something bigger than ourselves—God. By learning to lean and rely on this greater, higher good, we can feel moved to love beyond ourselves—and this frees us from fear and so much more.

Join us in our 19th century church home or see our website for how to listen remotely.

About Lisa Troseth

Lisa was in her late teens when God became more real to her as an infinitely loving presence. At the time, she was struggling with tough relationship problems, so she was wide open to seeking divine answers. She began to earnestly study Christian Science, which she knew transformed lives because it had healed her mom of a bipolar disorder diagnosed as incurable.

“As I really prayed and studied the Bible and Science and Health, they awakened me to a larger view of life as being forever inseparable from divine Love. This freed me from the relationship issues, healed me of a skin condition, and changed my character for the better.”

Yearning to share God’s healing nature more with others, Lisa took Christian Science Primary Class Instruction in 1994, where she learned how prayer, based on our unity with God, consistently heals and brings solutions to our lives, communities, and world. Proving this has been at the heart of her life’s work, whether serving in educational nonprofits, working as a Christian Science nurse, or serving in various church capacities, including currently as a Christian Science lecturer. Lisa was an art major in college, and has enjoyed living in many places throughout the United States. One of her favorite activities nowadays is hiking with her husband in the mountains of Northwest Arkansas. She has loved being in the full-time ministry of Christian Science healing since 2010, and now as a 2021 graduate of Normal class.

“It’s a joy to share the Science of Christ-healing through teaching.”

Lisa Troseth
will give her talk at First Church of Christ, Scientist, O’Fallon, MO

Childcare will be provided.
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